Muppets, Puppets, and Marionettes:

Trained in puppetry both in  LA (Henson Studios)  and NYC, I am adept at styles ranging from “muppet-style” puppetry to Bunraku.  Having studied  at the Henson lot in LA, my puppetry can be seen on television (The Eric Andre Show-Comedy Cenrtral, and Stevie TV-VH1) music videos for Sony, Indie Features, webseries and occasionally around town for live performances with the puppet company Swazzle.  I have performed with Marionettes for Mabou Mines (A Doll’s House- Lee Breuer) and Puppetworks (Park Slope Brooklyn); and have also had the pleasure of doing Bunraku style puppetry for an opera with the well respected 3rd generation puppeteer, Basil Twist.

The following are links to some of my work:

Puppet Reel


K.Flay Music Video  Fun Hip Hop Video.


The Kickstarter Song A fun music video spoof about Kickstarters. I’m doing the majority of the puppetry except when I am acting in the song (min 2:30-4:16)


Puppet Decalogue  A delightful conversation between drunk friends that was adapted into a web series puppeteered by me.



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